What is Direct To Market (DTM)?

The DTM is an online digital marketplace which exists distributed across a global network of computers in the form of a “cloud”, supported by the content providers and the consumers who use it.  As long as the Internet exists the DTM and the content will exist.  Once content is posted for sale no more human interaction is needed, the entire process is automated using Block Chain technology.  No place to hack or cheat the system.  The entire economic system is administer by a not for profit foundation and funded by a portion of the revenues.  Any digital content can be offered, music, video, books, movies or anything you can send over the Internet.  

When can we get started?

Right now we are just getting non binding letters of intent to use the Marketplace.  This just shows that you would like to use the service as you understand it currently, but when it starts you are not required to use anything.  We are gathering a network of supporters for when the DTM goes live, which we expect to be the 1st quarter, 2021. 

So why sign up now?

During our run up to launch, we will be signing up content providers, with content ready to go online for free.  You will receive a pre-registration token, before launch, that you can redeem when the DTM launches.  This also helps the development of the DTM greatly. We depend upon “Angel” investors who promote new viable projects. Having more CPs sign up now shows the viability of the DTM and allows us to divert more resources to this specific project.  

What are the requirements to offer content?

In order you be a content provider (CP) you will have to also complete the simple Know Your Customer process.  KYC is the same thing that banks and other financial institutions do so that they know who they are dealing with.  If you are going to sell something on the Marketplace or take payment this is a necessary step.

How do consumers find my work?

We have created a set of tools to help promote your content.  Simple web sites allow you to upload your content along with pictures, descriptions, information, tags and samples. If you are a live performer you can print up a set of codes for fliers to give out at your gigs.  These are individual codes that encourage consumers to join the marketplace and purchase your content. As the DTM grows other features, such as opt-in Radio, and other promotional tools will be developed. 

Why should I join?

1. Low cost to entry

2. Have a much or as little control as you wish over your content

3. You are paid directly and quickly on every sale

4. Retain the majority of gross sales

5. No label or marketing company needed unless you want one

6. Global marketplace for a much larger audience

7. Everything is administered by a not for profit foundation so there are no share holders to pay

8. No large corporations to extort every dollar away from the artists

9. To support an open and honest global Marketplace that gives all creators the same access to sell their creations

10. To help change the world for the better

How does the DTM know who I am and who to pay?

You will get your Unique ID token that identifies you to the DTM.  Only the holder of your token can post your content and your token can only be held by your wallet.  No one can steal your token or your identity on the Marketplace.  We have built in to the revenue model room for an “Agent” or customer service.  This is typically the person who signed you up and will help get your content on to the DTM. 

What did I actually sell or buy?

As a consumer when you make a purchase, a file, with the location and the key to unlock the file you bought, is created. This file is encrypted using the consumer’s public PGP key and posted to same network that is used to store content for sale. Then a token is sent to the consumers address with the link to the encrypted file that contains the key and location of the content purchased. This guarantees that only the purchaser, or a designated gift address, can unlock the content. So now I can unlock the file what can I do with it. Well you can stream the music, book, video to your device. This way you can access the file from anywhere you have internet access. You can download the content to your device for offline use. Just like making a copy of that CD you bought, but remember all content is covered by copy write laws and you are subject to the same civil and criminal penalties. 

A little background on the technical stuff.

A really smart guy by the name of Phil Zimmermann created something known as Pretty Good Privacy or PGP. To make it simple, anyone can create a Public Key and a Private Key. If I give someone else a copy of my public key, that person can scramble a message, song, book or any file with my public key and send me a copy of the scrambled file. Only the private key can unscramble the file. To take this a step further, through the use of Block Chain technology we can tie the public and private key to an “address”. Only one unique “address”, on only one device, can exist at one time. We send a special token, with the PGP keys that are tied to the “address”. If that token is not in that “address” the files cannot be unscrambled. 

How safe is my content?

Thanks to Edward Snowden, we’re getting a new look at which programs can successfully keep out the NSA.  A report in Der Spiegel has shed new light on the NSA’s encryption-breaking programs, and put a spotlight on the handful of programs that are still giving them trouble.  “PGP encryption tools and OTR chat encryption also caused major problems for the agency, causing entire messages to disappear from the system, leaving only the message: “No decrypt available for this PGP encrypted message.” You may have read a couple of years ago that PGP had a flaw.  This “flaw” pertains to email clients and does not affect the encryption system the Marketplace uses.  All your content is safe as current technology allows.  

So how can you do this?

First off the DTM is maintained by a not for profit foundation. The only money collected is for maintaining, improving and promoting the DTM, all other money goes to the creators and their agents. The Block Chain technology allows us to build a system that will run virtually by itself. In other words once the system is up and running there is not a lot of cost to keep it going, this allows for the creators to keep the majority of the revenues. Block Chain is a revolutionary technology that keeps an unbreakable ledger of all transactions. This means no one can cheat the system.

Let’s use some analogies

As a content provider you have a store in a gated community where you offer you creations for sale. This gated community is the encrypted network and you must have special keys from the Gatekeeper to put your items up for sale. Now whenever you add another item to your store you will lock it with a new key and a location in your store. So the for sale items will have a location, an individual key and a key to get into the gated community.

Now shoppers gets a key to the gated community so that they can shop. They can’t add items but they can see and sample whatever the shop keepers put on the shelves.  Now if the shopper buys something the Gatekeeper give them a copy of the individual key and the location of the item. Now only the shopper who bought the item can use the key. If they give the key away to someone else the key will not work. Even if someone figured out how to copy the key and got the location of the item they would still have to have a key to the gated community. So when a shopper purchases keys to the content they want, the Gatekeeper sends them a copy that can only be used by that shopper. The shopper can’t copy or sell the keys. This is the exact same thing as walking into a music store and buying a CD or album. Only you have that copy, but in this case you can’t transfer ownership or give away a copy of that CD and the creator gets paid upon sale.

What if I sell the rights to my content?

Initially payment tokens are issued associated with your unique token. That means anything you post goes to the same holders of your payment tokens. Payment tokens can be created for specific content or reissued for the content provider but there is an added cost of 100 RVN.  Payment tokens can be sent to any KYC RVN wallet and will receive payment proportional to number of tokens held in that address. 10% of any payment tokens up to $3 per sale will always  be sent to the DTM.  This is what funds the running and maintaining of the DTM. 

How does this help me with copy right laws?

The laws in your jurisdiction are the laws in your jurisdiction. What the Marketplace can do is create a legally admissible transaction trail of all funds. So if someone posted music that the courts later rule that the revenues belonged to someone else, there would be a full ledger of who posted the content and all the financial transactions. In other words, a full record of all transactions for both business and legal purposes can be had at a touch of a button.

What does the “Agent” do?

Agents sell the marketplace.  They sign up and provide customer service to Content Providers. Agents typically receive 10% of any sale from any CP that they sign up.  This is not a hard rule and the function of the payment tokens allows payments to be setup in whatever way the “Parties” agree too.  Some CP will want their Agent to handle all the technical aspects of putting content on the Marketplace.  Some CP will not need much support.  The Marketplace allows the Agent and the CP to conduct their individual business anyway they wish as long as it does not violate the rules.  If your interested in being an “Agent” please sign our form of support.